A Celebration of love.

Weddings are a celebration not just of two people, but of a binding love, desire to commit fully, and to turn two lives into one. We honor and respect this commitment and are dedicated to creating events truly reflective of this personalized concept.

A Uniting of Families.

A wedding does not only marry two people, but also combines two families into one-whether those families are blood relatives or dedicated friends and support systems. At Marnas Catering we help create, design, and execute details that honor each family, each culture, and each lifestyle.

A Joyous Celebration.

Weddings should be a party- where each guest, each family member, each part of the united couple can cut loose, live in the moment, and celebrate the specialness and joy of act of love inspiring the day.

The First Meal as a Married Couple

This meal needs to be one you can never forget, it is literary the first meal you will enjoy with your partner being married. Marna's Catering takes this part of the event as one of the most important. Buffet or plated each meal is presented with the highest standards of the company to deliver exactly what you want.

What is all included with the price of the food?

  • Professional service staff
  • Event Captain (inclusive for a 6 hour event time)
  • Linen tablecloths 90X90 (One linen per table)
  • Fabric Napkins
  • Cocktail napkins
  • China, stainless steel flatware, water goblets and decanters
  • Complimentary cake-cutting service
  • Fruit carving with choice of design


We were honored to have been a part of this special project and blessed this amazing couple with the wedding of their dreams.


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